Our Partners

We are proudly part of the MakeSense community. MakeSense is a global community (400 young people in more than 20 countries) who spreads the virus of social business into capitalism. We help social entrepreneurs everywhere in the world solving their challenge, thanks to the online platform https://beta.makesense.org/ and customized workshops. And MakeSense is maybe first of all a community of young people willing to make the world a better place thanks to innovation and fun.


Our Financial Partners : they financially support our project

danone.communities funds and develops local businesses with a sustainable economic model, oriented towards social goals: reducing poverty and malnutrition. Beyond its projects, danone.communities wishes to share its lessons to inspire other individual and collective initiatives in the service of a more cohesive society. We will work with La Laiterie du Berger, which improves living conditions for Peul herders by leveraging milk production in Senegal.

Within the Institut de France, we are supported by the Masalina Foundation who helps organizations working in the fields of education, social and humanitarian in France and abroad, especially in Africa.

Europ Assistance is the inventor of assistance, and continues to play a pioneering role today by creating Care Services. Faithful to its pioneering spirit, Europ Assistance was the first international player in the sector to adopt a CSR approach. Europ Assistance provides us a free assistance and insurance contract for the duration of our trip.

Etudiants et d��veloppement is a network of student associations of international solidarity. It brings together groups of youth and students working for international solidarity, both through projects in the South and actions of education about development in the North. We were laureate of the PIEED 2012 competition.

Our Strategic Partners : they help us to make a difference

Ashoka is the global association of the world��s leading social entrepreneurs. Since 1981, Ashoka has elected over 2,500 leading social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows, providing them living stipends, professional support and access to a global network of peers in 70 countries.


Launched in 2008, Convergences 2015 is the first platform for thought in Europe that aims at building new convergences between public, private, and solidarity-based actors to promote the Millennium Development Goals and to alleviate poverty and deprivation in developed and developing countries. Connecting public, private, and solidarity-based actors towards poverty reduction, Convergences 2015 builds a wide-scale gathering project to debate ideas, to advocate for economic alternatives, and to frame innovative action plans.


The Planet Workshops (or Les Ateliers de la Terre) is an interactive platform dedicated to the exchange ideas, experiences and best practices gathering key decisions makers who want to implement a sustainable agenda in business and in the society. It organizes every year The Global Conference, which gathers more than 900 decision-makers committed for a sustainable development from 70 countries. We are invited to the Global Conference 2013 in order to share our learning from our missions and studies.


France Active is a local network that helps people in difficulty to create their individual business. It also finances social enterprises (integration through economic activity, associations with high social utility). France Active has provided us a one-day training on « how to accompany social enterpreneurs ».


The Grameen Cr��dit Agricole Microfinance Foundation facilitates the emergence of SB projects and assists in their development, alongside industrial partners. The Foundation takes action for the neediest populations. Its priority action zones are Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia.


IMS Entreprendre pour la Cit�� is an association that supports 230 companies in their CSR policies and social projects. IMS Entreprendre pour la Cit�� will relay our publications on innovative ways of business to fight poverty.


Ennovent is a social capital venture that focuses on supporting entrepreneurs with innovations valuable to the base of the economic pyramid in India. Ennovent works with a global network of entrepreneurs, investors and experts to discover, finance and scale up the best innovations. We envision sustainable living for people at the base of the economic pyramid. We found our Indian social entrepreneur – Ashmeet Kapoor, working on sustainable agriculture – thanks to Ennovent.


La Petite Etoile is a ? business development ? consultancy, based in Paris. It helps entrepreneurs to assess their market, build their business model, write their business plan, etc. Margaux from La Petite Etoile help us very kindly during the pilot-mission we realized during the summer 2011.

Our Academic Partners : they help us to formalize our work

The NOISE – New Observatory of Social & Environmental Innovation �C aims at raising awareness about the new ways of doing business for a sustainable and society-oriented economy among students, professors, professionals and curious people. The NOISE help us in the realisation of our academic case studies, and they relay our news.

The Chaire Entrepreneuriat ESCP Europe, with 36 professors and 79 companies launched in three years, gathers all entrepreneurship programmes from the business school ESCP Europe. The Chaire has been one of the first active supporters of Destination Changemakers, thank you for your confidence !


Our Media Partners : they relay our information and discoveries

L’Express is a a French weekly news magazine. We are contributing to the « Business and Sense Club » that has just been launchedin September 2012 to promote initiatives that are combining business performance and social impact. We are publishing about the Changemakers we meet and the social innovation they develop.

Youphil.com, the media of all solidarities, decrypts the world news of the engagement in all its forms, whether voluntary, humanitarian, philanthropic, political or entrepreneurial. We are publishing articles about the evolution of our project on our Blog Youphil.

Sparknews‘ ambition is to become the ��Youtube of Solutions��: the website gathers all the videos of positive initiatives in the world, realized by medias from every country, to inspire people. Christian de Boisredon, the founder, is also the first ��backpacker of hope�� in 1997 with his project ��L��Esp��rance autour du Monde��, and has been a supporter and advisor of Destination Changemakers since the beginning.


Le Mouv�� is a French radio station, part of Radio France. The target public is between 18 and 30 years old. We have passed several times on the radio since October 2011, and the emission ��Allo la Plan��te�� is following us during the duration of our missions in the Philippines, India and Senegal.


The Journal des Grandes Ecoles is a French magazine and website dedicated to the lives of top French schools. The magazine is distributed to 20,000 copies in more than 120 campus of top schools and universities. It is appreciated both by students and companies willing to attract talents.


DreamShake, is a social network which helps projects and dreams to be realized. We won a DreamShake competition during the summer 2011, leading to a media exposure by Le Mouv��.



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