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A la rencontre des entrepreneurs qui changent le monde

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Jonas and Matthew Dardaillon Guyot, 24. We met at ESCP Europe in September 2009.

Second year in London, cheap jordans we begin to ask questions about our future. Both looking for a surrogate career direction, we wish to contribute to the solution of major economic, social and environmental challenges of our time. We have the intuition that the company has tremendous power to change things. cheap jordan shoes We begin to interest us to companies that combine economic profitability and social utility. Our first readings and meetings in Europe are a revelation for us: yes, cheap air jordans around the world, entrepreneurs are able to fight against poverty and preserve our environment, while realizing profits. Although these models are only marginally addressed in our classes, they exist!

To find your way and become ourselves agents of change, cheap retro jordans we decide go to meet entrepreneurs who change the world. Instead of & rsquo; to meet a large number of short periods of time, we decided to limit the project to three missions of three months in three countries - the Philippines, India, and Senegal - cheap real jordans with a constant: to live in closer the reality on the ground..

These missions have allowed us to better understand the motivations, the joys and difficulties of these entrepreneurs. cheap jordans for sale Throughout the project (! And still today), we asked ourselves many questions : Can a company really change things on a large scale while making a profit? cheap jordans online Is Social entrepreneurship a trend or a passing fad? Must learn the workings of the conventional business before trying to invent new models? Where is action needed to feel useful? cheap jordans How to design his professional career to maximize its impact on society? And besides, can we really, as a youngster, to move the lines?

We are convinced thatThese questions are of a generation in search of meaning and performance. In our book, we wanted to provide some answers, jordans for cheap fruits of our meetings with entrepreneurs who change the world. Obviously, we do not claim to be able to give answers. cheap jordan shoes We further aim to give examples of inspiring entrepreneurs who put their ideals into action, to show that we can all become agents of change. If many young people question the dominant economic models, real jordans for cheap yet few of them take action. We wish for this book encourage them to do so.

Because it is possible.

cheap jordans free shipping Because it's our generation invented the world we want to live.




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