2- The Missions


Philippines (September – December 2012) 

Social enterprise : Gawad Kalinga, the main NGO in the Philippines which has built over 2000 villages for the poorest of the poor.

Mission : we initiated a partnership between Gawad Kalinga and Schneider Electric to bring sustainable energy to Gawad Kalinga villages, through a social entrepreneurship model. 

Impact : Read our report of mission.

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India (January – March 2013) 

Social enterprise : I Say Organic, a start-up which delivers organic products directly from farmers to customers.

Mission : we realized a market study to help I Say Organic reach more customers, and we realized a social impact study.

Impact : Read our report of mission.

In video :

Senegal (April – June 2013) 

Social enterprise : Lemateki, a social entreprise which tackles children malnurition by delivering fortified products, in partnership with the dairy social business La Laiterie du Berger.

Mission : we realized a successful fundraising for Lemateki, and worked on the online communication strategy of Lemateki and La Laiterie du Berger (realization of two websites).

Impact : Read our report of mission. (in French)

In video :

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