1- The Preparation

We have begun our project in January 2011. We left France in September 2012, after a 20-month preparation. 20 months to :

1. Learn : We read many articles, reports and books on topics such as social entrepreneurship, social innovation and sustainable development to understand the stakes related and have a critical point of view on these issues.

2. Be inspired : We met a great deal of innovating and inspiring social entrepreneurs, in the UK, in France and in Vienna, in order to understand the reasons of their success. This helped us to identify that there is a need for social entrepreneurs and large corporations to develop alliances.

3. Practice : We realized a two-week pilot-mission with a young French social entrepreneur during the Summer 2011, to help him on his financing modeling, his market study, his social impact and the redaction of the business plan. We worked with La Petite Etoile, a French consultancy specialized in business development, who gave us pieces of advice and feedback after our work.

4. Build a community : We organized events (meetings, brainstormings, parties) and to build a crew around our project.

5. Fundraise : We worked hard to succeed in fundraising the 18,000� of our previsional budget. Thanks to danone.communities, EuropAssistance, the Masalina Foundation , Doing Good Doing Well and the 171 contributors who participated in our crowdfunding… Thank you again to all of you !

6. Anticipate the maximization of our long-term impact : We began to think about our impact after the 9 months on the ground… which lead to our book.



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